Buzz Wipes

Buzz Wipes are wipes impregnated with a mild but effective DEET based insect repellent, making it easy to apply quickly without fumes or over spray.

Mums in particular love the product, because they can apply repellent on kids super-quickly without a mouthful of repellent and without the fuss.


This is the only approved insect repellent wipe in Australia. The product has gone through 20 months of testing for shelf life, safety and effectiveness and has certification with the Federal Government.


The formulation of Buzz Wipes is at the lower end of the strength scale (about equivalent to low irritant aeroguard).


Note that lower levels of DEET in the product do NOT make it any less effective than higher strength formulations It just means that higher strength products can be applied less often.


Buzz Wipes should last for 3 hours without any need to re-apply. A high strength Deet product like Bushman might last 8 hours but contains ingredients that are above recommended levels for use on children.