CareDent is a range of essential oral health care products. These include flosses, tapes and toothbrushes of the highest quality.

Dentists recommend many of Caredent’s orthodontic accessories such as orthodontic wax plus the specialty interdental brushes and cleaning aids that help fight
tooth decay.

The range includes:
· Periotape Flosses
· Waxed Flosses
· Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
· Travel Packs
· Interdental Brushes
· Interdental replacement heads
· Orthodontic Wax

NEW CareDent Rapids

Mouth Ulcer Strips
· Super thin
· Adhere easily to mouth ulcers & abrasions
· Dissolve and form a soft protective barrier
· Cushion against drink & food abrasions
· Rapid relief of pain & discomfort

Dry Mouth Strips
· Super thin
· Dissolves quickly
· Increase saliva flow over 100%
· Effective for up to 2 hours
· Fast Acting

Doward distributes the full consumer range plus new products being continually released.