CalaCool & Medi Witch

CalaCool is highly effective for relieving insect bites and itchy dry skin. It also helps combat allergic itching.

CalaCool is more effective than traditional Calamine lotions and it is nearly invisible after application. Calocool does not leave a pink, dry, powdery residue on the skin.

Available in two varieties: a 250ml bottle


The MEDIWITCH range of products contain the pure distilled extract of the bark and twigs of the Witch Hazel tree.

The unique natural skin soothing, toning and therapeutic qualities of extracts of the Witch Hazel tree have been used for thousands of years by the North American Indians.

Many people have traditionally used Witch Hazel for various skin conditions including acne, red and inflamed skin, bruising, insect bites and varicose veins.

The Mediwitch range of products are ideal for cleansing and toning the skin in people with acne, oily skin, and irritated skin conditions who prefer a natural product.