Lion Hairnets

Lion Hairnets are the world’s leading manufacturer of hairnets for personal and industrial use.
Doward has been supplying quality Lion hairnets in Australia for over 20 years to beauty retailers, manufacturers and food processors.

For personal Hair Care
Lion nets include:
Hair and Bun nets
Setting and Sleeping nets

For Industrial use
Lion Hairnets are the world’s leading brand for protective wear and critical environments.

Ideal for Food Manufacturers and Processors
Clean Room Applications and high-tech environments
Knitted in the UK under ISO 9002 quality systems

What sets these hairnets apart?
Hygienic and disposable
Cooler to wear than paper
Fully traps hair strands with double
or single elastic fittings
“Seen to be worn” colours gives
the option to “colour code”
work areas and teams