Since 1921 the Simpkins Fruit Drops in a Tin have been “often copied, never bettered.”

Simpkins Fruit Drops have an undisputed reputation built on quality and consistency.
A taste sensation that can’t be matched!

Simpkins Fruit Drops are still made in Sheffield England, using the original methods first developed by the inventor of Barley Sugar Sweets, Leslie Simpkin.
Using traditional copper pans and ingredients of exceptional quality, Simpkins Company produces their mouth-watering drops in small batches.
While their production also combines state of the art technology, this commitment to quality over mass production, guarantees the classic flavours and tastes.

Category Leader – #1 Travel Tin
Instantly recognised by the distinctive gold tin, Simpkins is the undisputed leader in the travel tin category in Britain, Europe and Australia.
Simpkins Fruit Drops can be savoured slowly because consumers know that the freshness is sealed in, ensuring a much longer life.

Simpkins has: Over 20 flavours including fruits, mints, sours and sugar free. Real fruit juice, Nothing Artificial

Cooked in small batches so the Taste lasts until the final sliver Lightly powered so they won’t stick together in the heat

The main benefits of eating Sugar Free confectionery as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are: Contain a 1/3rd less calories than sugar Doesn’t promote dental decay Suitable for those on a sugar restricted diet such as diabetics.