Double D

Making Confectionery Enjoyable for Everyone, Everyday!

Double D confectionery is perfect for those seeking a healthier lifestyle. With so much sugar in our diets these days, its great to be able to reduce the intake but still make the most of that sweet tooth we all developed from a young age!

Double D contain no artificial colours or  flavours. They are dental friendly and have a low Glycemic response.

With a great range of candies, drops, chews, mints and jellies and semi-medicated drops, there is bound to be  a little treat for every taste!


About Isomalt
Isomalt is a sugar alternative for health conscious people. It is the only sugar replacer derived from natural sugar plants. Isomalt offers benefits that suit changing life-styles and contemporary guidelines for healthy diets. It enlarges food choices for the growing number of people who would like to make improvements in their diet. It is ideal for consumers who want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, by perhaps adopting a sugar free diet and with Double “D”, you don’t have to compromise on flavour!