Calotherm are international experts in cleaning accessories for optical, photographic, audio and computer equipment.

Doward are exclusive distributors of Calotherm’s UK-Manufactured cloths, wipes and sprays in Australia.

New – Calowipes are Moist Wipes in a Re-sealable Pack of 20

• Anti-static and anti-mist formula

• Helps surface demisting

• Ideal for sunglasses, goggles, computer/TV screens, mobile phones

• Safe for you lenses

• No streaks, haze or residue build up

• No harsh chemicals or abrasives

• Not suitable for contact lenses and avoid eye contact


Calocloth Microfibre lens cleaner
• Laboratory standard

• The unique formulation of this microfiber cloth far exceeds any
conventional cloth and enables grease, dirt and moisture to be removed from the most coated surfaces.

• The knitted fabric is made with a far higher concentration of fibres than other cloths and then heat treated to increase that density

• Dirt and grease, right down to minute particles are trapped in tiny air pockets in the fabric

• Use on its own or with Calotherm Cleaning Spray